Visual Code on Windows 10 and Raspberry for openhab

I haven’t used openhab for some time.
Now with the new installation I can not access the data on Raspberry as with the last installation.

What do I have to activate in Windows 10 to be able to use visual code as before?

You need to give us a little more to be able to help you. :wink:
Like how is OH installed (e.g. openHABian, APT, manual), what version of OH, how are you trying to access the OH files (Remote SSH or file shares), what does your configuration of SSH and or Samba looks like, etc…

I just have OH mounted locally as Windows drives, per these instructions. If you’re using openhabian, Samba is pre-configured.

Really very quick response THANKS.
I installed it manually on RAspberry and everything works so far good except the Raspberry access.
On Windows 10 I don’t see my Raspberry in the network configuration.
With Visual Code Python I can develop python flawlessly.
There, access is via SSH. With Visual Code you should dock a drive (this was definitely the case in the past) or has something changed and also runs via SSH? Where can I read how it should be?

If you just installed openHAB, not openHABian, than you need to install and configure Samba to share the configs over the network so Windows can see it.

Alternatively you can install and configure the Remote SSH extension to VS Code and access/edit the files over SSH.

Hello thanks for your feedback. I have not noticed that some things have changed. The openHAB data are displayed in the visual code directly via the openHAB symbol if you establish an SSH connection. In an earlier version, ma connected a drive. This connection is now not necessary or possible.