Vitotronic / optipoint Issues (solved)


I’m trying to get the vitotronic binding working.
It is not well documentated, but its seems working :slight_smile:
But I have an issue with the “outside_temperature”.
Im not able to get the temperature from the binding.
If I request the “outside_temerature” directly from the optipoint adapter, I get the right value.
If I request the “outside_temerature” with openhab the binding, the debug from optipoint writes “300P.outside temp not defined!”
Any hints for this issue?

br portboy

I found the solution.

The default “optolink.xml” has an typo error.
just change <channel id="outsite_temp"> to <channel id="outside_temp"> and it works :slight_smile:

sometimes life ist too easy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: