Vizio Smart TV Binding Request

I was looking for a way to integrate my Openhab setup with my Vizio smart TV. I found the below script that was developed for Home Assistant. Does anyone know if this would work with Openhab?

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It’s command line driven so it should work from OH using the Exec binding or executeCommandLine from Rules.

Thanks Rich! Any idea how to install this set of scripts via SSH on a raspberry pi?

Scripts don’t get installed. You copy them to the pi, set execute permissions, and use the full path to the scripts in executeCommandLine

Hi ! Old topic, but I was wondering if @tinkernut or any other Vizio owner had items, sitemaps, or other files already designed for Vizio TVs to share ? I haven’t run across any in my searches.

Hi I was never able to get the TV directly to integrate into openhab. I have since bought a Harmony Hub and use the Harmony hub binding to control the tv. Works great.

I used Node-Red calling a python script to perform all the necessary functions.

This is an example when I used HabPanel to send an input command, but it first turn the TV on 1 second before it switches the input.


The hardest part is the pairing process, but I did that all on the command line prior to making these connections. Also some of the documentation of the commands was incorrect… at least when I set it up. I am not sure if it has been fixed since then.

Also you will want to set your router to reserve an IP address for your TV, so it doesn’t change.