Voice Assistance at home (GoogleHome)

Thanks to @MARZIMA Google Assistant integration is (nearly) finally reality - and I really like to use it since the beta every day!
Beyond the current possibilities I would like to start a discussion about the requirements for voice-assistance at home:

Let’s assume 4 family-members with 4 Smartphones and 5 GoogleHome-Devices in different rooms.

Here is my personal question-/wishlist:

  • Will each user have to pair its assistant with openHAB by its own?
  • Which profie is used if guests are talking to GoogleHome?
  • It should be possible for different users to use their own voicealias names for Items
  • It should be possible for openHAB to know which user was speaking
  • It should be possible for openHAB to know which device was listening (If I’m in a kids room with a dedicated GoogleHome and there’s only one light I don’t want to explain “Hey Google - switch on light in Sarahs room”)
  • Rollershutter / jalousies should be controllable
  • statusinformation “Are all lights switched off?”, “Are there any open windows?”, “Is there enough warm water to take a hot bath?”
  • on-the-fly-rules: “close ceiling-window in 15 minutes”, “switch on decorationlight every day at 7am”
  • voice-notifications without initial user-action “You have mail in your postbox”

I know that many of these ideas will not be realizable with the google smarthome actions - (some of them won’t be realizable at all :().

So I would recommend to rethink the Assistant-Binding as a combination of the current smarthome-action-based (these commands work with the shortest voice commands) and more powerful variant which has to be used with “openhab” as keyword. "Hey Google - ask openhab are there any open windows"
IFTTT and AutoVoice for Android are working this way.