Voice control alway on

I see in the forum various post about the tema Voice recognition but I can’t understand if there is a solution that give the possibility to integrate a always on service.

I use the android app (with the widget) and work great. Someone has a solution to reuse an old mobile to doing the always on voice control? I speak italian and the android widget recognize very well.

Thank you

I don’t know if it is the best solution, but you can use a combination of Google Now (enable always listening which works as long as the phone is plugged in), Tasker, and the AutoVoice Tasker plugin. I’ve played with this in the past and it worked fairly well.

Basically how it works is you say “OK Google” (or whatever you trained Google Now to respond to) followed by your command. Since your command will not match any of the Google Now commands it will create a search. AutoVoice intercepts this search and tries to match it against any of your Task triggers. If it matches it executes that task.

I would like to show my idea and I ask some feedback if someone see a problem:

  • Install Android on Raspberry
  • install a MIC USB
  • Install openhab android client
  • Install auto-voicetasker

Then I would like to creare a rule “Hey home” on “auto-voicetasker” that run the widget of App openhab.
It’s not easy, but don’t seem impossible…

What do you think?

This might not be possible. Some brief looking around shows very limited success getting Android to run on the Pi and even those were limited to where they could not install third party APKs. Though I spent all of five minutes looking, maybe I’m missing something.

The big thing you will have to make sure of is that you have access to Google services and the Play store because AutoVoice requires Google Now to run.