VoicRSS after instal 2.5 M5 doesn't work anymore

After the upgrade OH to M5 the say command doesn’t work anymore

“Error saying ‘Alarm ausgeschaltet’: No TTS service can be found for voice voicerss:deDE”

The account work and was tested. For me it looks like the language setting itself is wrong - “deDE” - for the test via http-url I use “de-de” and it works, if I use “deDE” I get the mssage “ERROR: The language does not support!”.

Where is the place to change it or where can I post a bug for M5/M6 ?

Thanks to all.

There is a thread open for M6 issues.

Agreed. Try updating to Milestone 6. We working toward a stable release later this month/.

Thanks for your answer, M6 is the same.


Thanks, H102 - found the thread and post it there too.

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