VolumIO binding and Alexa or http binding and Alexa

Running openHAB 4.0.4-2 (Release Build) on a RPI 4 here and am stuck with something.

Have a VolumIO media player that i used to be able to control via Alexa and IFTTT. It basically sent http API calls to the VolumIO to Start/Stop/Play playlist/etc and it worked really nicely, until IFTTT withdrew support for Alexa.

Now in a situation where i have the API calls i need but cannot seem to get them into my Alexa setup so that i can continue to use voice commands to trigger the various calls i had before.

I’m a little bit conflicted/confused, should go down the route of trying to get the VolumIO binding to o what i want to do, or try to use the HTTP binding and setup “channels” that send the various API calls and then try to get these into Alexa. Anyone messed with this before or been successful in getting either the HTTP Binding or the VolumIO Binding to do their bidding via Alexa? Thanks folks.

I don’t own such a device - nevertheless I would assume that in case there is such a binding I would start trying to use the binding instead of starting from scratch - although that can be fun.

A couple things worth mentioning. The first, which probably isn’t worth mentioning but I’m going to anyway, is that IFTTT didn’t drop Alexa support. They never provided their own integration in the first place, Amazon wrote that integration. And Amazon decided they didn’t want to support it any more. And IFTTT, in another step in it’s apparent quest for irrelevancy, instead of stepping up to implement their own integration has decided to just let the integration die.

The more important thing to discuss is that you might benefit from a review or rereview of the Concepts section of the Docs, maybe a bit of the Getting Started Tutorial as well. I say this because the Alexa integration is completely oblivious as to whether you are using the VolumIO binding or the HTTP binding or something else. All it sees are Items. That’s kind of the point of Items. It’s a normalization layer to make it much easier for devices and APIs from different “silos of excellence” can work together seamlessly.

Getting the Items working with Alexa is the same whether using VolumIO or HTTP. So the question, which is easier to use to get OH working with VolumIO and the answer to that is almost always to use the more specific binding (i.e. VolumIO) rather than the more generic and general purpose binding (i.e. HTTP).