VPN Connection to Raspberry

I guess I´m not in the right forum but I´ll try anyway.

I´ve got a raspi3 with openhabian installed. This raspberry is not installed in my house but in the flat of my parents.
I have connected via VPN between 2 fritzboxes and I can do ssh and sftp via ip as it was my own network.

Problem: I am running on windows and want to use editors like Visual Studio Code or eclipse smart designer.
The problem is that my network logically differs from the other one, so that the network of my parents isn´t part of my network.
My Network is 192.168.178.x and theirs 192.168.0.x
All I need is that the remote raspberry appears in my network as a network device or disk.
Does anybody know how I can manage this?

What about adding a networkdrive pointing to


that doesn´t work :frowning:

I hope you did not really try “openhabconfigshare”, as this was just an example.
Could you please try the following

Right click on Network in Windows Explorer
Add Network Drive
Enter your raspberrys IP with ttwo leading backslashes
Press the search button.
You should now see your Pi and it’s network share.

no I don´t see it because it´s not my network.
If I´m at my parents home with my laptop I see the raspberry in their network…but i can´t see it in my own

if I do a right click and try to connect the network using the ip address I get a password prompt.

Did you read this