VS Code "Deploy" Extension: Deploy to Raspi


I am using VS Code + Deploy extension on a Mac and openHABian.

How do have to configure the server path name in VSC Deploy settings.json?

I tried different forward and back slash combinations, but none of them did work.

Here ist my current settings.json configuration:

"deploy.reloaded": {
        "packages": [
                "name": "Version 1.0.0",
                "description": "OpenHAB configuration version 1.0.0",
                "button": {
                    "text": "Deploy to 'Raspi'",
                    "tooltip": "Click here to deploy to the target ...",
                    "targets": ["Raspi"]
        "targets": [
                "type": "local",
                "name": "Raspi",
                "description": "A SMB shared network folder",
                "dir": "/"