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I installed the OH extension in my VS Code, but when i am typing , the popup shows a few items that match the keystrokes, but not all items, and many methods/functions/properties are not shown.

for example, i have tons of items shown in VS Code leftside pane where Items and Things are listed correctly, like “i_HVAC_read…” but when I’m typing , once I get past “i_HVAC” no items are in the popup, but they are there on the leftside pane, all listed.


very few methods and functions in DSL are shown

for example i typed
val tmp = myItem.state.
and no methods or functions were in the popup, in fact there was no popup.
Now i know there is toString and many more.

I use VS Code a lot with python, C etc and no probs with that

apart from installation of the OH extension for VSC, do i need to so/check anything?

I followed this

Please don’t post more than one thread on the same topic. If you have more to add you can edit your original or add a reply. VS Code Extension not showing options

hang on a minute …

i thought id posted it, but my profile isnt listing that thread

so i posted again in honest belief that the former had failed. im in a bar with weak 4g and it timedout with 404 error.

don’t be tooo quick to judge :laughing::laughing::laughing:

i still can’t access that link (the “same topic” as you say)

it will prob sort itself out when i get home

i know not to post the same thing twice , i respect that.

i know not to post the same thing twice , i respect that


how do i delete this thread then?

I think items completion is currently missing somehow.

There were large changes in that extension area at the end of 2018 which affected that and it’s likely possible that this has some side effects.
Same goes for rule methods or to be ab it more precise for autocompletion in rules.

There is much work left to do in the extension…

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Mistakes happen. Since you’ve a response on this one and not on the other thread I recommend deleting that other thread. Click on the three dots menu at the bottom of the post and select the trash can icon.


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