VS Code OH plugin - strange behaviour

It is not exactly beginners question but where else to put it.
My OH connection in VS Code is quite strange as you can see on attached screen, it does say connection is erroring but hovering at item gives me actual values - which indeed means connection works.
As well as item suggestions and webview. so it WORKS

Is there a way how in VS disable this stupid error in OUTPUT console so I don’t have to everytime when VS opens close that damn thing which takes 1/3 of the coding area?

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I have the exact same issue

Same here…

havent found a solution yet.

Same here.
I thought this was another vscode extension. :smile:

But it would be nice if this would be fixed.

I am still running openHAB 2.4 in case this is relevant.

glad to hear I’m not the only one in pain … haha :smiley:

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