VSC LSP not working


Running OH3 in a docker on Synology (learn environment)
When I edit in VSC the settings.json file the syntax checker is working.
When editing rules, items, etc VSC is not reporting errors.
How can I check this? With karaf?

I’m also running OH2.5 native on my Synology
openhab.port to 8080.
openhab.remoteLspPort: 5007
OH3 in docker on same Synology
openhab.port to 9080.
openhab.remoteLspPort: 5008
Any idea how to get LSP working?

Are you using the VSC SSH Extension to connect

After a reboot of my PC it was working again. Thanks for your feedback.

I have marked your answer as solution. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity:
How long did you not close vscode or reboot/shutdown your PC before this?
I can read frequently about problems with vscode and the extension due to a long time usage without closing it and maybe we should try to refresh some parts of the extension on a scheduled base.

Not sure I only suspend my computer normally. I one or 2 weeks. I was forced because of a windows update.

This usage behavior occurs way more often than i would have expected in the past.
So we should indeed think about how we can catch errors caused by this and refresh the lsp/rest api connections from time to time.

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I had the same issue just again. The PC was suspended. This time was only closing VSC enough to get LSP working again. Maybe you can check the PC resume event.