VSCode Extension - 0.8.0 available

Late to join the openHAB 3 (:man_shrugging: ) changes party but here it is.

You can get version 0.8.0-beta here: https://dev.azure.com/openhab/vscode-openhab/_build/results?buildId=133&view=results

You will find a link to the build artifact including the vsix file.

There are not that much changes, but i wanted to provide a minor version that reflects the main changes in openHAB 3 at least partly, before adding new functions/improvements.

This included also some updated docs about handling the new (authenticated) rest api.




Is removing Paper UI premature? Many users are still using OH2.x and may complain of the latest extension does not work for them.

Just a thought. I do not use this extension.

Thanks for the heads up.
I should explain this.

It was just a small button that opened Paper UI config view for the specific item/thing in items browser.
This didn’t work for >50% anyway when they had enabled simple mode in OH2 Paper UI config.

I even thought about removing it already before openHAB 3 was released.
It won’t make the extension useless for openHAB 2 Users.

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Sometimes “another set of eyes” is useful.

Works great, thanks.

Finally it is possible again to open files from the Problems tab (did not work since months for me):


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Lol. I didnt fix anything on that extension part. :smiley:
Maybe one of the outdated dependencies i have updated. :man_shrugging:

I didn’t even test this myself yet because i didn’t expect it to work agin.
Will do so now.

Doesn’t work for me (as i would have expected).
Its probably working for yince you have mounted the samba share as local network share properly.

Interesting: for testing I mounted the UNC share and error checking does not work at all :joy:


Back to local network share:

Working again.

Not sure what is going on …

Sometimes you need to reload the window and reconnect or edit in the file so changes get communicated to the lsp server.
There is a variety of possible reasons.

I have released Version 0.8.0 of the version just now.
Including the changes from first post.

Also we have a working Build Pipeline for



This gives us the ability to push updates to both places with only one workflow and about 3 clicks instead of doing everything manually each time. :slight_smile:

Next thing on my todo list for the build pipeline would be trying out if we can push beta versions automatically, alltough the marketplaces dont support that. We would have to do that with a parallel extension.

But first i want to get some of the issues in our repository fixed.
(And before anyone asks. Honestly LSP is not on top of the list.)

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