VSCode validation doesnt work

Hi all,

my first post!
Updated OH 2.4 stable runnining on pi3 / openhabian to openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1581 because of some issues with zwave.
I thought this is the easiest way to get latest zwave binding.

Everything is fine, exept code validation in vs code. I can see all the config files, but no validation.
From time to time I got error: Extension host terminated unexpectedly.

Could you please give me a hint?

Thank you!

Which version of the extension are you using?
I think i have read this error message some time ago.

Don’t use an unc path to the oh2 files. Mount the config share directly as network drive. Then it should work.

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vs code is 1.33.1, openHab extension is 0.41
no changes, only the update to snapshot.

but thanks for Reply


thank you for this hint, but I do not use unc path, and as I told, I can see config files in vs studio

Some more informations would be nice.

You are saying that just openHAB was updated.
Does that mean that you had a working setup including vs code with a working validation before?

Did you check the extension config and is the language server enabled and the is the openHAB server configuration correct?

Extension host, sounds more like a vs code related error too alltough I didn’t check it yet.


in meantime I decided to step back to 2.4 stable (restore an image) because I found an other problem with recognizing zwave usb connection after rebooting in 2.5.0 Build #1581
Now, back to 2.4 also code validation is working again.
So, I think I will use 2.4 and try to install only zwave binding snapshot.

Thank you for trying to help me!

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