Wake on LAN Binding

Is it possible to use Wake on LAN Binding with ON/OFF.

I am using SleepOnLan solution and want to use one switch for both wake and sleep.

Now i do like this

Switch Network_OliverGaming_Wake "Oliver Gaming Wake" <network> (Status, Network) { wol="" } Switch Network_OliverGaming_Sleep "Oliver Gaming Sleep" <network> (Status, Network) { wol="" }

And i want to to like this
Switch Network_OliverGaming_Wake/Sleep "Oliver Gaming Wake" <network> (Status, Network) { ON:wol="",OFF:wol="" }


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simply omit ON: and OFF: If the computer is sleeping, it will wake up, if the computer is awake, it will go to sleep.

Maybe you should add a second item with Network health of the computer and a Rule, which postUpdates the Wake/Sleep-Switch to the correct position, in case of wake-up/set-to-sleep the computer straight through the Power-button…

Sorry for the bump!!! I’m also interested in this solution, (thanks to following the link provided), i don’t think the solution proposed will work as the sleep on lan solution uses an inverted max address as the sleep magic packet. so indeed two seperate commands would be needed…

any ideas ? :pensive: