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Good day,
I am have trying to find and create a rule to WOL my media PC.
I have other rules for adjusting volume on recover state change that work.
I can not figure out how to get WOL to work, any examples or insight would be appreciated.

See the rule at the very bottom of the Network Binding documentation:

Also worth mentioning, try installing a Wake On Lan app on your phone to test that it works, there’s certainly ones available for Android.

In addition, it’s possible that the BIOS settings on your media PC may need to be changed to “enable” WOL, it’s not necessarily enabled by default.

Thanks for your reply
I don’t understand the syntax or the example, when I do try the ex. I receive errors in the openhab.log

Hi, PC works with WOL using an app from an android phone…

You’re more than halfway there then.

Go on …

Very true. The next half seems like vertical sloop.

So I used this syntax:
(line 2) val actions = getActions{“network”,“network:pingdevice:”, macAddress=“10:1F:74:77:DE:33”}
and have this error in the log:
val actions = getActions{“network”,“network:pingdevice:”, macAddress=“10:1F:74:77:DE:33”}
^ in at line number 2 at column number 4

Why? that’s not in the documented example. The MAC address belongs in your Thing, and it’s important to use correct stye brackets and braces. Round ( ) for getActions()

It will cut short the game of twenty questions if you can show us the whole rule, use the <code> tab if are using a GUI rule entry.

Wow did I miss the boat!
Didn’t realize all had to do was replace devicename with numeric device number from the Thing and boom it worked!!


Thanks for the assistance

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