Wake up HabPanel if ZWave Motion sensor goes off?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone successfully managed to wake up a permanent powered wall mounted tablet using HabPanel Viewer when their motion sensor is triggered? I have a Zwave Sensor and Tasker on the Tablet.


Waking up through Tasker is readily available from online tuts

Indeed but rely on other tools like Motion Detector, im trying to do it using OpenHab ZWave sensors.

You can have Tasker poll a OH through the rest service then continue logic from that.

Hi Lucky,

I think i did this but maybe incorrectly. I created a Task with a HTTP get to rest/items/FibaroEye1Motion and put that into a Variable.

Then I create a Profile that checks the Variable, if its ON then I use AutoInput Screen ON but its failing.

Is there a way to determine whats in the variable using Tasker? ive got no idea if its retrieving it correctly or not.

How is your Tasker Profile triggered? You can create Time profile but the “every” part has a minimum of only 1 minute.

For checking your Task, you can manually invoke the Task (play button on bottom left). Add an alert to show the variable.

So I can get the variable set OK, but its the frequency. I tried 1 minute but it wont accept it, seems 2minutes is the best it can do.

Is there some other way to trigger the HTTP GET so it gets the state of the Motion sensor? Intention is to keep the tablet screen on if the Fibaro Motion sensor is on.

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