Wake up tabletpc/laptop at morning?

I have OH running on a tablet pc and was wondering if I could set it up to “wake” the screen every morning to run my screensaver slideshow. the tablet is on a stand in my living room and currently, the only option is to leave the screensaver running all the time or tap the screen in the morning. I would like the screensaver to blank the screen after a certain time(or some way to blank the screen at a set time) then for the screen to “wake up” in the morning a bit before we get up.

the tablet is a samsung xe700t1a running lubuntu 18.04

Have a look at this page which describes using feh ( slideshow ) on behalf of the system’s screensaver.
I think it should be possible to modify the script in a way that just a blank screen is being shown when idle time is detected ( slideshow with black picture ). That needs to run in the background.
The script then needs to check for the time of the day and need to change to an other slideshow when your morning time is detected.

I have actually tried that script while searching for a solution. It works ok but being some of my pictures are odd sizes and or aspect ratios it had some issues. Also, a pure black screen on this tablet has a bit too much light bleed. Thanks for the suggestion though! It may end up being part of my final solution or may help someone else!

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