WakeOnLan works for one PC, but second PC will not wake up


in the following config, WOL works for the KodiPC, but not for the WorkPC. The shutdown, issued via a ssh-command works on both machines. The KodioffXXX-Items and WorkpcoffXXX-Items are generated by VS Code-Editor-Extension from things made withe Paper-UI. The WorkPC responds to a wol command submitted via shell on my notebook, so WOL working for WorkPC.

Please, can somebody have a look at my config-files if there is a glitch i haven’t noticed? Thanks!

The Items-file:

Switch     KodiOn "Kodion" {wol="ON:"}
String     KodioffOutput          "Output"           {channel="exec:command:31753531:output"}
String     KodioffInput           "Input"            {channel="exec:command:31753531:input"}
Number     KodioffExit            "Exit value"       {channel="exec:command:31753531:exit"}
Switch     KodioffRun             "Running"          {channel="exec:command:31753531:run"}
Switch     KodiPC "Kodi" [ "Lighting" ] 

Switch     WorkPcOn "WorkPCOn" {wol="ON:"}
String     WorkpcoffOutput          "Output"           {channel="exec:command:63e0a6ff:output"}
String     WorkpcoffInput           "Input"            {channel="exec:command:63e0a6ff:input"}
Number     WorkpcoffExit            "Exit value"       {channel="exec:command:63e0a6ff:exit"}
Switch     WorkpcoffRun             "Running"          {channel="exec:command:63e0a6ff:run"}
Switch     WorkPC "Erde" [ "Lighting" ] 

the rules-file

rule "Kodi1 WOL"
    Item KodiPC received command
then switch (receivedCommand) {
        case ON  : KodiOn.sendCommand(ON)
        case OFF : KodioffRun.sendCommand(ON)

rule "WorkPC WOL"
    Item WorkPC received command
then switch (receivedCommand) {
        case ON  : WorkPcOn.sendCommand(ON)
        case OFF : WorkpcoffRun.sendCommand(ON)

and the sitemap-file

sitemap wol label="WakeOnLan" {
  Frame label="Kodi" {
     Switch item=KodiPC label="Mediacenter" icon="Switch"
     //For debugging
     Switch item=KodioffRun label="Kodi aus" icon="Switch"
     Text   item=KodioffOutput label="Kodi Output" icon="sun_clouds"
  Frame label="PC" {
     Switch item=WorkPC label="ArbeitsPC" icon="Switch"
     //For debugging
     Switch item=workpcoffRun label="ArbeitsPC aus" icon="Switch"
     Text   item=workpcoffOutput label="PC Output" icon="sun_clouds"