Wakeup Configuration Value not updated in HABmin

Hi, I’ve noticed that changing the Wakeup Configuration Value in HABmin for a Danfoss LC-13 thermostat the value is updated in HABmin interface and the device behaviour is modified accordingly. BUT after a openHAB restart the Wakeup Configuration Value displayed in HABmin is the default value, even if the device behaviour shows that the correct (previous) value has been retained.

Was the data transferred to the device? In HABmin it will show PENDING until this is done. If this all looks ok, then it would be good to get a debug log…


Hi Chris, the HABmin interface showed PENDING until the value was transferred to the device, after this the HABmin interface value matched with the device behaviour (as I could verify in the debug log). The problem is that after a openHAB restart the value was (correctly) retained by the device but not transfered back in HABmin (or better in the location where HABmin reads it). What kind of log should be of help? The update from HABmin (correctly working) or the openHAB restart (where I suppose the value from the device should be read)?

Ok - thanks. So, do you mean then that this is only a display issue. When you set the value, and PENDING goes away, you’re happy that the device now has the new wakeup value? So everything works here…

Then when you restart, it is set wrong again in HABmin, but you think that the wakeup is still ok in the device?

Exactly, the correct wakeup is retained by the device, but HABmin shows a different (the default) value.

Ok - thanks. Can you take a look in the XML that is saved for the device and see what the wakeup period says there? I suspect it is also wrong. I think that the XML might not be saved after the wakeup, and this is causing the problem.

If you mean the XML “node” stored in “/var/lib/openhab2/zwave” I can confirm it:

    <lastWakeup>2016-11-12 11:36:50.174 UTC</lastWakeup>

The interval is 300 even if the effective (device) value is 900

Ok - thanks. I think that confirms my suspicion of the cause of the problem. If you don’t mind can you raise an issue for this and reference this thread. It should be easy to fix - I just need to work out the best place to do it ;).

ok, it’s done. Issue #216