Wall controller reports scene events differently

I am currently rewriting some rules for scene management. For scene switching a WALLC-s wall controller is used. This is a z-wave device. The wall controller is configured for sending scenes.

For OpenHAB 1.X pressing one of the buttons on the controller resulted in receiving an update. The scene number in this case.

For OpenHAB 2.X the channel “scene_number” is used. This is working, but different from 1.X. When pushing the buttons, updates are received. But only when the scene is a different scene. Pressing two times the same scene, will only result in a single event.

Who knows what is expected? Is it possible to receive each update?

I guess the button always reports each press - not just when you press a different button? If you are running rules to detect this, then you just need to program the rule to work on updates, not changes.

Or do you mean that the button only sends a single message - if this is the case, then there must be something to change in the configuration of the device.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the fast response! The configuration of the device was already ok, it is used on a daily basis in my home system running OpenHAB 1.8.3. From time to time a switch to OpenHAB 2.0.0 to adapt pieces for the new release.

The migration is going quite well. You’re answer is right on the spot. Instead of using change in the rule, using ‘received update’ is the correct thing to do. Thank you very much :slight_smile: