Wall mounted openhab screen


I’m hosting my openhab server on a synology diskstation, everything cool so far.

In addition to this, I would like to mount a touch screen in my living room to display the openHab Basic UI or HabPanel.

What device can I use for this, Do I use an Ipad or tablet for this or are their devices that are more suitable/dedicated for this kind of scenario.

PS : i Have forseen power and network cable, could use WIFI as well. Stuff like a build in temperature sensor would be cool as well

with regards, Tom

I would propose to use an Android tablet, depending on size from 75…150€.
If you use a current one, the performance should be ok. On an old tablet wit only dual core 1Ghz the reaction time on pressing a button may not be so good.



when using a tablet, i would have to buy some frame to fit it in, so I can mount it and hide the powercable?

Have a look at the Basalte Eve ipad frame.

Not cheap though… but I really like the design.

Oh, this is really high end ! :slight_smile:

We have to the respect the WAF

This would mean buying an expensive ipad to hang on a wall, i don’t like that…

Arn’t their any dedicated devices that would do the job.

EG : I don’t need a battery, it’s always power by the usb port…

Something like the Lenovo Tab 4 8" tablet is a nice cheap tablet to put on the wall. A “dedicated” wall controller will probably cost much more.

I jst don’t want the power cable sticking ou when mounting it in a wall

You can fit a wooden or metal picture frame around the tablet and hide the cable with this. As USB connector, you can use these 90° cables from the inductive charger tabs:

Holger, do you have a link for such a 90° cable? Thanks

I don’t know if you can get the cable alone, but you can buy these wireless charger receivers and just cut the cable off: example

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Mine is stuck to the wall with velcro and has a wireless charger Matt with the 90 degree connector.

Hi TommySharp,

so you have some kind of charging station build into your wall then?

Yes if have a wireless charger mounted on the wall which gets power from a wall plug on the other side of the wall. There are velcro strips stuck to the wireless charger and also to the back of the tablet.

So the tablet stays constantly charged and I can remove it if I need to use the tablet.

How about using a Raspi with touchscreen? There is the “official” screen with the “official” case for Pi and screen, but there are others available, too (but I have not found an alternative with a good case for the screen and the Pi, yet).

In fact my whole OH-System is such a Touch-Raspi with Razberry Z-Wave Controller running Habian and Chromium in kioskmode to display my HABpanel.

Hmm, I like this idea.
Hi, do you have a link to the official screen and case, what size is it?

The original screen has 7’’ and can be found in all specialized Raspi-Shops, Maker-Shops, Amazon, … Here - just as an example - is a bundle of screen and case:

Be Aware that this combination has one build in mistake. The screen has to be installed bottom up in the case. If you hang it to/install it in a wall, you better turn around the whole case, to get the best view. If you put the case on a desk the way it is designed, it is bad to view if you look from above.

This one here looks interesting, too:


do you use the raspberry pi as a openhab server as well?

I was told serving on a raspberry pi was not the best think. I’m hosting on a synology diskstation, so i suppose i could just use the Pi as a terminal as well?

I use the Pi as a Server/Client combination for over a year. And up to now it works well. I have about 20 Z-Wave components, some Hue lights (with a Hue-Bridge), and some Homematic devices (with a CCU2) linked to it, and use the whole stuff mostly as a remote-switch and with some rather simple rules, like informing me of doors/windows opened, smoke detected or water leakage while not at home. I also use some timers and a simple presence simulation.

I do not know how much you do with OH, and how much sessources this needs, but for not too complex and “heavy duty” installations the Raspi is just fine.

After I had to rebuild my system under OH 2 I wrote a protocol with all necessary steps to get such a Client/Server combination running. It is not well commented yet, but if you like, I can post it.