Wall switch with no neutral wire zigbee2mqtt

Hi guys,
I know there are some topics here already but some of them are older and maybe something changes in the meantime some of them do not cover exact requirements I have.

Long story short: I am looking for wall switch compatible with OpenHab3

More detailed: In my house I do not have neutral wire for my electrical wiring so I am looking for smart switch to control lights in rooms which will be compatible with OpenHab3 with my zigbee2mqtt (or other, but I have my devices connected that way until now) but this switch must be compatible with my requirement “no neutral wire”. and it must be EU switch

Thank you all for any recommendations

Not Zigbee, but have you considered shelly 1L:

There’s a shelly binding available in OH.

Have a look at the Xiaomi switches. They got EU size no neutral options (had one before) that work via zigbee2mqtt. I got US size switches here in Asia hence using Tuya options, but found the Xiaomi once actually looking quite good.

Edit: i always find this site good to see what’s out on the market.

I did not - I am quite new in this “smart switch topic” so I have not so much experience. I am open to listen some recommandations so I will also go thru Shelly you posted and see

I have found also this one - seems to be with no neutral need (that is OK) and also good price and several colors - but I am not sure if this could be easily added to OpenHab (and how)

As long as it can connect via zigbee2mqtt it should be able to work with OH as OH only uses then the mqtt topics.
Tuya usually works with zigbee2mqtt, at least the 2 versions i got here (all neutral, but US style).
You can have a look into the zigbee2mqtt supported devices list i linked before, there is a Tuya section if i am not wrong. Sometimes though Tuya devices are not directly listed there as Tuya is just the chip used (and not necessarily a device brand).

Maybe go add also a bit context, for zigbee2mqtt you can have basically 3 categories:

  1. device is listed and supported
  2. device is not listed and supported (2 Tuya switches i got are in this cat)
  3. devices are not listed and not supported

In case 3 you can actually make them supported yourself, there is a guide on their website.
Basically zigbee2mqtt supports every zigbee device.

Thank you chrismast, so you are saying if I would try and buy that Aliexpress switch I should go for Tuya version (not for Ewelink), right?

I only worked with Tuya and Xiaomi for now, hence cannot really comment on others thb. Those two worked though for me till now.

OK, thank you - but I even do not see the one I linked on Aliexpress to have zigbee in specs, just wi-fi (not sure it tuya chip automatically meand zigbee available

You are correct, the one you linked is a Wifi switch. If you search on Aliexpress include zigbee and no neutral in your search, should come up with plenty switch options.

[Example](US $12.91 30%OFF | AVATTO Tuya Zigbee Switch With / No Neutral,Smart Wireless EU Standard 2 Ways Control Light Switche work with Alexa, Google Home https://a.aliexpress.com/_mPS6I9l), this one even shows in the reviews that it was found without issue by zigbee2mqtt

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I’m using Livolo switches with 433 rf, with own design rf transmitter made of sonoff basic over Mqtt. There is library for 433 Livolo switches available. The only downside is that you have no feedback if the light is on or off, but you can turn it either on or off. I’ll provide sources if needed.


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