Wall switches

In the near future I will move to a new house an can start my smart home from scratch (Yeah…paradise!!)

Currently I am doing the research and my first problem is: Wall switches

With the wall switches I don’t only want to control the light, but also trigger OpenHab rules, etc.

So I would like switches which match the following parameters:

  • No wiring
  • Do work with OpenHab without complicated adjustments
  • Cheap
  • Do look like “normal” wall switches

I like the Friends of Hue switches, but they are way too expensive and the basic Hue Switch doesn’t look too much like a “normal” switch.

Any input appreciated :wink:


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I doubt you will find “good, cheap & simple” all together.

Depending on where you are in the world, Z-Wave switches can look close to normal switches, at least in North America. I understand in Europe there are modules that can fit in the box behind the switch.

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  • No wiring means only battery operated?
  • Almost everything works with OpenHAB, complicated is relative
  • What is cheap? If you want very cheap, you have to look for chinese brands and order them in China
  • Here is some inspiration (based on availibilty in the Netherlands) https://en.robbshop.nl/smarthome-controllers/wall-controllers-uk

I missed the no wiring part. My suggestions use the normal mains wiring & power.

No wiring: Battery or kinetic energy
Cheap: <30€

I noticed the Xiaomi Aquara switches. Can they be integrated in OpenHab?

Yes it can. It depends on your interface. For example I use the conbee/raspbee zigbee module and according to there compatibility list, it supports the aquara series.

Do you use ZigBee Binding or Zigbee2MQTT ?

No, you need the deCONZ binding for switches and sensors and the HUE binding for lights.
I run the deCONZ (software) hub in docker

OpenHAB is very flexible. People do not need to run any particular binding. The Zigbee binding is very well supported here.

But it does not support the Deconz (ConBee/RaspBEE) adapter :wink:

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