Want to install Internet Speed Monitor on Openhab Server - Advice?

Hi All,

I have an instance of OH (3.4.0 M3 on a rpi4) that I’m running as a remote OH with only the RFXCOM binding to control my blinds motors. It is not my main OH instance. As I’m not using it to its full potential, I wanted to add some more functionality to the rpi 4.

I am interested in installing an internet speed monitor on the rpi 4 as per the pimylifeup link here.

Will this cause any conflicts with my remote OH instance?
The setup uses influxDB and Grafana. I wonder if there will be conflicts there …


Someone just posted an Ookla Speed test add-on to the marketplace. Maybe you can have OH do this job for you.

There shouldn’t be any conflicts but there ya far too little info to say for sure.

Thank-you @rlkoshak!
The speedtest binding does the trick! :slight_smile:

There exists also a speedtest in the Network binding.