Want to show the last time fritz dect 400 was pressed on a page

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel i3
    • OS: Win10
    • Java Runtime Environment: azul 17
    • openHAB version: 3.2.0
  • Issue of the topic: fritz dect 400

I try to show the last time the switch was pressed on a page in OH3

The switch is added as thing and also works well with the fritzbox.

But i am not able to show the time the switch was last pressed in a widget on a page.

I try to catch when the nursing service was visiting my father in law, because many times he calls us and could not remember if the service was already there to set his diabetic injection…

So the idea was - when the service leaves my father - they press the button - and i get an info with timestamp on my dashboard.

Maybe someone has an working example or something link this.

Thank you

You might be interested in the timestamping profiles, to use with a Fritz channel and a DateTime Item.