Warmup Thermostat 41e

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I’m looking for a binding for a Warmup Thermostat 4IE.
It looks like, that it doesn’t existe for the moment.
Is it easy to create one?
I found the API here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/beta-warmup-connect-warmup-4ie-wifi-thermostat/68296

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I installed on my windows PC Eclipse and created un test binding with create_openhab_binding_skeleton.cmd. But now I really don’t know how to use the API.
Can somebody help me or give me some hints?

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Did anyone ever get anywhere with this? I just dropped one of these controllers onto an electric underfloor mat in a toilet and it would be nice to be able to monitor the temp and control it.

Did anyone ever find any docs for the warmup api? The reference above is to a SmartThings plugin that purports to work with the 4ei but I can’t see how it’s communicating with the api myself.

I’ve recently installed a Warmup4IE and I’ve now managed to pull the code apart and produce a simple nodejs app that sets the temperature for a set period (override). It seems a real shame Warmup don’t just publish their API and from what I can see its quite fickle. I doubt it will be possible to make it self register so you’ll need the username and password.

The next stage for me is to move it into a binding so it can be used in openhab with a bit of luck.

Great, Please keep us informed :slight_smile:
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Not sure if any of you made progress on a plugin but I’ve put a basic one together which connects my OpenHAB environment to my Warmup 4iE. At the moment it just connects to the My Warmup API, retrieves a list of rooms as discovered things, reports current and target temperatures, and allows setting a temporary override temperature.

Its running fine for me but I’d appreciate others trying out what I’ve developed, letting me know if it doesn’t work, and providing feedback. I’ve put a few features in a Todo list in the readme, but hope it’s feature complete enough to ship. Please share feedback here or on this github issue https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/issues/7996

So if you want to have a go, download the jar here and put it in your addons folder.

The code can be seen at https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/7998.


just to let you know that everything works as described.

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Thanks for your feedback @peterduif. I’d be interested to hear if there’s any enhancements you’d like to see, or anyone else who’s tried it out.
I’ve published a new version with a couple of enhancements (away mode and checking if device offline) - there’s a kar file here https://github.com/jamesmelville/openhab-addons/releases/download/0.2/org.openhab.binding.warmup-2.5.9-SNAPSHOT.kar.
I missed the boat on getting the contribution approved in time for 2.5.9, so it’s now waiting for review to be included in v3: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/8562.

Thanks for developing this binding, and getting it into OH3!

Am I right in understanding that this binding is primarily one for monitoring the Warmup thermostat, and that the only command you can send is an override target temperature for a hard-coded (in the Thing bridge) period of time?

Hi T,

The binding has the capability to issue two commands:

  1. Turn the room on or off (toggle between frost protect mode, and the previous manual / schedule mode)
  2. Set a temporary override as you’ve found.

It was a while ago now so hard to recall details but I just picked the use cases that were best for me without feedback to the contrary. The API isn’t documented and wasn’t the easiest to interact with, and I think I struggled with how to map some api behaviours to reasonable models in OpenHAB (e.g. I think the alternative way of setting a temperature I found was switching the device to fixed mode which is also not optimal).

Is there something you’re looking to achieve which you can’t do at the moment?