[WARN ] [.c.p.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors] - Device descriptor retrieval failed, no response:

OpenHab version 1.7.1 on MAC OSX 10.9.5
I have the following statement in my site map; which is working quite good:

  		Text label="Détails" icon="chart"  {
  			Text label="MOTE_40 [%.1f]" icon="chart"  {
  				Webview label="Variables d'environement [%.1f Degree]" icon="chart" url="https://<url>:8443/habmin/chart.html?chart=MOTE_40_ENVIRONMENT&service=rrd4j&period=2W&refresh=15" height=15 						

However looking at the logs I see every 15 minutes the following warning message:
[WARN ] [.c.p.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors] - Device descriptor retrieval failed, no response:

  1. I don’t have any node configured with IP address; (my network is
  2. Looking at the Openhab.cfg, I don’t see any configuration referring to port 52881 or to address

Any idea of what is causing this warning message?


Do you have the SONOS binding in your addons folder?

The warning you see is UPnP related, so there seems to be a non conformant device in your network.
Just ignore that message.

BTW, you are using a really outdated version of openhab, ever considered to update?