Warning when using Group:Number:COUNT

I get a warning when I use this group item, which counts closed shutters (regex: count all items with state != 0)

Group:Number:COUNT("^[1-9]*$") gRollo “Rollos [(%d)]”

All my shutters belong to the group gRollo. It sems, that the group count is correct, but I get this warning:

2019-01-05 10:22:01.261 [INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model ‘gruppen.items’
2019-01-05 10:22:01.269 [WARN ] [arthome.core.items.dto.ItemDTOMapper] - State ‘^[1-9]*$’ is not valid for a group item with base type ‘Number’

The event.log shows a correct handling:

2019-01-05 10:22:38.017 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gRollo changed from 0 to 1 through RolloGalerie

I’m going to ingore the warning, but could someone explain, what happens here? Is this my fault or is there a bug?

I also face the same behaviour. This should have been handled in the past in ESH but the warning is still there. You can ignore it, it works fine, but you can also raise an issue in ESH github to have this taken in account.

Thanks for your quick reply. I reopend your issue with my case.