Watching logfiles in the browser and / or the eclipse IDE

Dear Community,

I can see that there is the option in the Java Console to watch the Debug logs in the Eclipse IDE. Anyway is there are chance to configure this output - sometimes I want to print some log outputs, but it is hard to follow the logs, because there are so many lines, after installing the ‘Standard’-environment.

By the way, is there a chance to add the 9001-port for the logfiles like in the productive system environment? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

That is actually a separately installed service and not part of OH itself. Install Frontail and configure it to follow the log files of your development environment and you can pull them up on port 9001 (or whatever you configure). Frontail is one of the many services that openHABian installs and configures, but are not part of openHAB itself.