Water leak sensor?

Hi all,
I am thinking about getting a Raspberry Pi and tinkering with OpenHAB. Is there a water leak sensor that will work with OpenHAB? I’d like to send an email or text if a plumbing leak is detected in my home (say water heater).

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If you are going the z-wave path I do know they have a water sensor for leaks. Not sure if that is how you want to check as it will only measure where you put the sensor.

I had one in a bulk purchase of some gear but onsold it as I didn’t envisage using it.


Insteon has a water leak sensor that I use with openHAB.

You do need the Insteon Hub for this as well, don’t you?

I don’t have a hub, but I use an Insteon PLM 2413U (Power Line Modem). I actually had a hot water leak recently and openHAB notified me on my cell phone.


Thanks all! -Mike

I’m interested in this one from Roost. Guess will have to wait until fall. But it’s pure wifi. IFTTT integration, some work required to work with Openhab.

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Steve -
I am new to openHAB and I want to set up my leak sensor to send texts when activated (it does it now with a hub but I’m hoping to get rid of the hub). I already have it in my items list and I can see it is linked in openHAB. Can you share the rules that you use for the water sensor? Also, do you have a leak sensor alert in a habpanel widget?