Water Level measuring. Which hardware and binding for?

Hi, I would like to extend my configuration with a water level measurement, but I have no idea which binding and hardware should I use. Do you have any recommendations?
HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor would be a really cheap great hardware option, but whether it is possible to handle it with Openhab?

There are dozens of ways to interface sensors with OH, but the choice of how to do it depends on how you wire up your sensor which is outside OH. For example, you can wire the HC_SR04 to an Arduino and use a wireless transceiver to transmit the readings to a gateway which provides it to OH someway (e.g. MQTT). If you are running OH on a board that has GPIO pins, you can use the GPIO binding to communicate with the sensor.


For deep water I use a pressure sensor like for my well, for shallow I use ultrasonic like I do for my septic tank. I tie both to Pokeys57E and read I’ve modbus or http.

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I have used maxbotics high resolution sonic rangefinders for monitoring my fuel tank.

I use this together with an Arduino (over WPM). The arduino is connected over usb to my server. The Arduino translates the wpm input to the serial interface (over usb) where I have written an JAVA program that reads the serial and publishes to MQTT, from there Openhab takes over. You could also use the Arduino MQTT library but then you would need an network or wifi shield for connectivity.

One tip I can give you, take a few readings (I take 10) and then use the median to publish. Then do it all over. Because to my expierence there is sometimes a “wrong” reading and it could trigger alarms :smile:

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I use a waterproof ultrasonic distance sensor.

To interface openhab I use an ESP8266 Wifi module with mqtt as the protocoll and sming as the software framework.


Thank you very much for all your help and useful information. That is what I neded. :slight_smile:

Hi Marc i have setup a similar sender with the Ultrasonic module and a nodemcu using mqtt. What did you use to display the tank levels in openhab or did you just use a text value? I was quite keen to get a graphic showing the tank level for mine.

Hi @shanekuz
I just use a text to display the value in the default sitemap. However usually I use @igor s Android app project rotini. Here you can use different widgets like a circular gauge.

Br, Marc

Thanks I will take a look.

Hey Nattaila, hope you are doing good . See I am an engineer & I love studying about different instruments. We recently found an very effective instruments for our plant. Ultrasonic Level Sensor & transmitters to measure & detect accurate measurement of liquid volumes in a container in industrial and commercial process. So , if you didn’t find any solution yet , It may help you the way we got advantages out of it.

Sorry for bumping up an old question but I’m in the same boat of requirement.

And to my surprise there are quite a few new sensors in town:

This one has 2 transducers instead of 1 therefore has less minimum detection distance as compared to JSN SR04T. It is also completely sealed and waterproof.


Before finalizing on this I had bought another one which was a waterproof modified version of HC-SR04 from here


The 1st one is much more rugged and waterproof as compared to the latter one.