Water Meter?

(captain118) #41

I was wondering if you had seen any progress on this project? I’m interested in the results.

(Stuart Hanlon) #42

I have one of these connected to the pulse input of a Velbus VMB7IN, which reports the water usage on the Velbus network.

There is also an option to program a high threshold on the Input channel of the VMB7IN, so that I can be alerted to high usage.

(Bruce Lichius) #43

This may be of interest to those on this thread! Smart Home Water Monitoring, Alarm and Automatic Shutoff System. I just stumbled across it. The last commercial offering I had referenced was about $1,500.00. This one at $500.00 is, as least for me, more of an option.

(captain118) #44

Wow thats expensive!