Water valve for main water supply


I am considering to include flood sensors into OH2.
Consequently it would make sense to have the option to shut down the water if a leak is detected.
Unfortunately I did not find any solution to control the main water valve.
Did anybody successfully solved this issue?
Maybe ba using a thermostate?

Wouldn’t recommend thermostat, you want to install a solenoid valve to do this. Google for solenoid valves, you’ll find lots of them online.

I didnt test this, but recently I stumbled across this:

As I understand it is supposed to work with a certain type of valves, but eg my water supply is using a different one so this is useless for me… It would work for my gas valve though, so in case you are going to test this please provide some feedback :slight_smile:

I guess it’s the same issue I have, because I need multiple turns to close my valve (as far as I remember).

The zipato (now Popp?) seems to work on a quarter turn lever valves only. :slightly_frowning_face:

Shouldn’t it be possible to use a thermostat as the vavle control?