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Just a quick question if anyone knows… I have been using Indigo 6 for the last few years to control about 22 z-wave devices with an Aeon Labs z-stick 2, along with a hue hub and ip cameras. The last couple of days, I have been tinkering with openHAB, got it up and running with my hue lights and now I am trying to get my z-wave devices set up. Do all of the devices on the z-stick remain in memory (of the stick) for openHAB or do I need to re-add the devices? I have already set up my items file based on the ID numbers that were assigned in Inidgo 6 and nothing appears to be connected.

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OpenHAB reads the device list from the controllers memory, so if you’ve previously had the system running, then openhab should be able to see the devices…

I’d recommend looking in the debug log - take a look in the wiki to see how to set this up (bottom of the zwave page). This will give you (or anyone trying to help) more information.

+1 on what @chris Chris said, but if you are not seeing anything at all, the first place to look is probably the configuration file for the zwave addon to make sure you are using the correct port to talk to the stick. The next thing seems simple, but make sure the zwave addon jar exists in the proper place with permissions.

Ok, this is kinda weird, I had been, without knowing, running Indigo 6 on my host laptop and had openHAB running on my guest OS (Linux). So I am guessing that Indigo 6 was controlling the z-stick and openHAB could not see it. I shut down Indigo 6 and restarted openHAB and the binding decided to find my z-stick on /dev/ttyUSB0… when I got home from work, I installed HABmin and restarted openHAB and now I am getting the /dev/ttyUSB0 not found error… When my z-stick was found, I saw logs that showed:

2015-12-02 06:08:32.245 [DEBUG] [b.z.i.protocol.ZWaveController:667 ]- Enqueueing message. Queue length = 2
2015-12-02 06:08:32.246 [DEBUG] [o.b.z.i.protocol.SerialMessage:233 ]- Assembled message buffer = 01 05 00 06 96 0F 65 
2015-12-02 06:08:32.247 [DEBUG] [WaveController$ZWaveSendThread:1315]- NODE 255: Sending REQUEST Message = 01 05 00 06 96 0F 65

Later, at the end of the log it shows:

2015-12-02 06:09:02.378 [WARN ] [WaveController$ZWaveSendThread:1365]- NODE 255: Too many retries. Discarding message: Message: class = GetSucNodeId (0x56), type = Request (0x00), payload = 
2015-12-02 06:09:25.512 [DEBUG] [.z.i.config.ZWaveConfiguration:905 ]- Controller not ready - Ignoring request to 'binding/network/'

Any ideas as to where would I go to interpret this message?

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