Waveshare RS485 Modbus

I have my OH3 communicating with Siemens PAC3200 meters over modbus fine however I have another meter which is a Hager HGR41EWC that’s rs485 only. I’ve installed a Waveshare RS485>ETH, configured it but I can’t get OH to read any of the registers.

Does anyone have any experience in using this module or similar and what I need to set for OH to be able to read the Hager data?

AFAIR Hager uses a proprietary protocol on some RS485 meters. Did you check the manual?

Interesting…although I’m not sure what I would be looking for, I thought it was all the same.

According to the manual;

Communication - Modbus Version
Communication type RS485
Communication protocol Modbus

That seems to be the Modbus version then. I’m afraid I can’t say anything about the Waveshare converter though.