Way to change image link in sitemap

I need to change every day link to image from 20151003 to current date.
Site map code:

Text label="Magnetic Storms" {
    Image url=http://tesis.lebedev.ru/en/upload_test/files/kp_20151003.png 

Is any ability to do that?

Thanx for help.

You could use a Time/cron based Rule, using curl to copy the image locally into an openHAB-served file, like $OPENHAB_HOME/webapps/static/magnetic.png, and then refer to the local copy as


This will save tweaking the sitemap file, and the reloads that would occur. The data in the image doesn’t change very often, so the cron Rule could be scheduled to match (roughly, every few hours)

In place of copying a file, you could use a symbolic link. To read about it use a terminal session and enter “man ln” and look for the “-s” parameter. What it does is create a link to the file you want to use and calls it by the static name you expect to be referenced.

e.g., if the file that will be asked for is called “magnetic.png” and you really want “my-dated-file.png” to be used, then a cron job may be used to execute a command like “ln -s ./my-dated-file.png ./magnetic.png”

The following command produced the result listed below it:
“ln -s ./temp ./symtemp”

lrwxr-xr-x 1 lrh staff 6 Oct 5 15:13 symtemp -> ./temp
drwxr-xr-x 5 lrh staff 170 Oct 5 12:36 temp

The cron job would execute “rm magnetic.png” to remove the old link followed by
“ln -s ./my-dated-file.png ./magnetic.png” create the new link.

This is the method I use in many of my shell scripts. It’s a mater of taste and preference. I hope it gives you another option.

Would copying the file locally still be the recommended way if it’s being used with an image that changes often such as squeezebox album art? Can the image url not be replaced with a variable?