Way to display windows open / closed

So far I use a Fibaro wall plug, to display, whether all windows in my house are closed. i havve changed the colors in the settings. It´s green, when it is on, and red when it is off. I am using a rule: if all windows are closed, the wall plug is on. This wall plug is close to my main entrance, next to a tablet. So when I (or someon form my family ) leaves the house and the wall plug is red, we can have a look at the tablet, to see, what window is open.
The challange: I am looking for an other solution becasue I want to get away from the Fibaro products for different reasons (e.g.: I have to replace 10 smoke sensors - they look great but couse a lot of false alarm).
Any suggestions/ideas? In my set up I am using Homematic devices, I do have a Hue Bridge, and WLAN of course.

If you have colored led light you can put the light into a specific color.

If you have an echo / Google home or other voice solution, you can ask for the state or start a"leaving home scenario" (could also be also started by all wall mounted switch): if all windows are closed, light will turn off. If windows are still open, light will not turn off, as you need to go back again and have a look.

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I am looking for a colored led light, which I can plug in that has nearly the same size of the Fibaro wall plug and that can be integrated into my smart home.

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