Way to show a persistance logging on sitemap?

I have been researching a way to show a log of my front door status (on change) on my sitemap.

The log works, so that whenever the door is opened or closed that entry is saved in the log.

I hanv’t really found a way. I’ve seen pictures of it done, so I believe it’s possible.

The only thing I can think of is to write a script that will host the desired log on a local webserver and then use a Webview on the sitemap. Sound like the best way?

Do you think it possible or a good idea to store the state of two items–both my door (open or closed) and house mode (occupied, empty or sleep) in the same logfile?

That is probably how I would do it. Personally I created a DateTimeType that gets reset whenever the door is opened and just put that on my sitemap. But I mainly cared about when the door was last opened, not seeing a log of when the door was opened over the past so many hours or days.

Have you considered charting your Contact item? It will show a graph that can tell you when it was opened or closed.

Hmmm… I didn’t think of charting the contact item. My setup is a little different, I dont actually use a contact item. I’m going to play with it though.

I remember reading that you can only chart with numbers.

Nice ideas, thank you. Got me thinking.

Internally Contacts and Switches are persisted as 0’s and 1’s so it should work.

I do this with my thermostat, so I can chart and have some data on how many times my thermostat tells my furnace to run. 0’s and 1’s works for this pretty well.