WD MyCloud EX2

Dear All. First of all thank you for the great things you are developing here :clap:
I would like tho know if there is any (already searched on this Community and also in Google but I didn’t find any ansewrs) posiblillity to install the openHAB on my esxisting WD MyCloud EX2 ?

and the second question would be (should I open a new Topic for this ?) if you could tell me which types of Switches, Bulbs, Things are working with openHAB without unprogramming or doing complicated stuff to use them with this Super Home Automation?

Thanks You verry much for your answers.
BR Cristian.

There is a large maintained Add-ons section that allows you to see an overview but in most cases examples of how to setup the equipment within OH.

I’m unsure on your query about the WD MyCloud.

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Can it run Java or docker ? If not, then simply No

Please read this pinned thread. You got an unhelpful answer because you did not ask a good question. i THINK you are referring to installing OH on your NAS.

How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

And my answer is correct in that context.
WD has removed Java and docker support in latest OS AFAIK.

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Sorry, I think our answers crossed during posting.

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Could be @Bruce_Osborne, no worries. I just wanted to clarify for @CretuC

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Dear @hmerk I installed docker, but I didn’t find Java for the OS5 Software.
Please tell me what’s next.
Thank you very much.

Thanks :pray:

I am no docker expert/user, so cannot help.
Best suggestion is to read the installation docs and search here for docker…

If you installed Docker it should download from Docker Hub if the CPU architecture is supported.

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