We need your help on testing!

A short feedback for the beta 3. Even if not yet perfect, my feeling about this version is very good. I have now started my production environment on this version and will see what happens after few days.
Here are the remaining problems I can mention:

  • Very very very slow to start
  • Problems with rules loading at startup, sometimes with errors and the rules are not working at all, most of the time only warnings and rules are working anyway
  • Lack of authentication meaning no remote access
  • Using Paper UI, I encountered at least one time an exception/crash when removing things. I have now moved my things to configuration files and I have no difficulty with Paper UI.
  • Known issues with Basic UI

I can confirm that the MaxCUL Binding is working with OH2. I’d like to get that reported but I actually do not know how this is now working because I actually don’t have any .jars in the Addon Folder anymore.
Could someone point me to how I can fix this or maybe to point me to where to look what files I actually got now?

You can check on the console which bundles are installed (and you can uninstall them through it as well), see the documentation.

I can confirm that Nikobus works on Openhab2 beta3.

Here are the bundles I use to get Max!Cul working.

189 | Active | 80 | | openHAB 1.x Compatibility Layer 192 | Active | 80 | | openHAB Lgtv Binding 193 | Active | 80 | | ntp Binding 197 | Active | 80 | | openHAB MaxCul Binding 198 | Active | 80 | | openHAB CULIntertechno Binding 199 | Active | 80 | | openHAB CUL Transport Bundle 200 | Active | 80 | | openHAB Serial Transport Bundle

Is there a reason why the IRTrans binding cannot get installed via PaperUI? I am succesfully using the 1.9 binding stored in the addons folder.

If the binding is working correctly under openHAB 2, then you could add a pull request like this one:

And also update the docs.openhab.org site with a pull request like this one:

One question around that: I reported three OH1 bindings (Serial, TCP, IRTrans) working back in Februar and @Lolodomo and you kindly worked on all three (i.e. some changes to the IRTrans are in this PR). And the two other bindings are availale in PaperUI. So now I wonder if there is something special with the IRTrans binding?

If just the changes you described above are missing, then I am happy to do them.

I don’t see anything special about the IRTrans binding that would keep it from being installable from PaperUI. It may be that this is the first report since back in February that this specific binding is known to work in OH2 (or the first I’ve noticed it being reported as working). So I think it’s safe to put together a PR that will allow it to be installable via PaperUI (or Karaf command line). And also another PR to the docs to keep them up to date. I will have a look at your PRs if you submit them, and thanks!


Hi to all,
I’m playing with "Souliss Arduino based SmartHome Binding"
It’s work fine on OH 1.8.x
I’ve tested it on OH 2 on raspberry v2, and it’s works only with 1.9.0 binding, any previous versions doesn’t works.

Binding was grabbed from org.openhab.binding.souliss-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Yes, that’s expected. Since you’ve found that the binding works under OH2, I will create a PR soon to allow it to be installed from the Paper UI.

@watou, I am planning to create the PR for the IRTrans binding this weekend. Happy to also include the Souliss binding.

Thanks, Joerg! Much appreciated. Please also submit a PR/PRs to the documentation in the openhab-docs repo, specifically here and here.

FYI, the IRTrans and Souliss bindings are now included in the nightly builds. I installed the IRTrans and can confirm that everything is working.

@ykutovoy, if you have a free minute, perhaps you can test the Souliss binding? You might want to take a backup of backup of the souliss.cfg file in the Services folder. The installation routine should in theory not overwrite the config, but better save than sorry ….

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Dear Joerg, could you give me instruction how to install from nightly bilds.
I’m not very good in Linux, and in oficial docs page “manual install” is empty.
Thanks in advance

Hi Yuri, the process of updating to a newer version depends on how you installed the system in the first place. There are several threads in the forum around that. But no worrries if this too much effort (or even the possibility of screwing up your installation).

Hi. I’ve tested Satel Action with beta4 and after minor changes (https://github.com/openhab/openhab/pull/4882) it works well in OH2. All is described in this thread: Satel - satelIsConnected()
Should I add this bundle to the list somehow or you guys will do this?

BTW We can wait with PR until @majherek confirms all is well


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I confirm: everythink is working now.

openhab> feature:list  |grep -i satel
openhab-binding-satel1                    | 1.9.0.SNAPSHOT   | x        | Started     | openhab-features        | Satel Binding
openhab> bundle:list  |grep -i satel
203 | Active   |  80 |    | openHAB Satel Binding
217 | Active   |  80 |    | openHAB Satel Action

And no errors in log using satelIsConnected().

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