Wear OS - different ideas for discussion

merry Xmas everyone!
I have recently got a wear os smartwatch. Of course, I’d like to control my home automation via the watch. Specifically, it is about turn the Hue lamps on and off or to let the shutters go up and down.

I basically work with the PAPER UI and I also use HABPANELs. So my first thought was to install a browser and create a panel for the smartwatch.

I then the App “Home Companion” came across, which works well for WearOS. Problem here seems to me that I have to work with Sitemaps . Although I have created a sitemap in the appropriate directory, I do not understand how to assign the items (do I need the BASIC UI instead Paper UI?).

Ultimately, I tend towards “HABPANEL” now and sa eparate browser on the smartwatch … but maybe someone knows an even simpler solution. I have quite read of other solutions here (IFTT, TASKER, …), but they seem to me much more complex, …

So far, does anyone have any other, different ideas?

Thank you, Regards