Weather binding 1.8 HTML example

I am looking for the correct syntax to display the weather in HTML. The previous version allowed us to output the item value. However with the upgrade to 1.8, I can’t do that anymore. I more specifically would like the syntax for Total_Rain_Inches, (weather underground only), to display that value. I read that item tokens where removed, but I am unfamiliar with that and what impact that has on my desired results.

All my other weather info displays with the update. Just don’t know how to display this one.

Also my item is receiving the update from WUnderrground, per the log. So openhab is behaving as expected.

According to the Wiki, I would consider something like

${weather:precipitation.rain[inch]} "

which should be placed in the example.html

I’m not sure if this is the total rain value, but the wiki describes only this value for rain.

Thanks for the response. I will try that item and see what it pulls back.

I guess I wonder how the weather binding maps to that string. I ask because
total rain value is a new addition to the binding, so I wonder how that
maps to the required HTML string.


I posted my updated config that works with 1.8 here.

So I guess my ultimate question is, what drives the syntax.

From WeatherUnderground (or yahoo, etc)
(this gap has the syntax on the wiki)
to Openhab
(this gap has a couple examples on the HTML wiki)
to the config for HTML view.

I guess I would like to know how this ties together, so that if I wanted to build a broader custom HTML view of my weather, I can. I am not fond of the OpenHab view in the sitemap. I prefer the HTML layout, its cleaner, and looks more like I expect.

Thanks for the link @rlkoshak, I always like seeing what other folks have done. I am digging the Sunset, Sunrise, etc.

The syntax is described in the wiki page for the weather binding and all the various options can be figured out from the ecample items on the wiki page. That is where i figured out things like pressure.

Hi Rich,
Thank for the updated html.
It works for me. The only problem I still have is that the $(config:name) is not displayed correctly / not at all.
OpenHab actually displays $(config:name).
Do I have to change anything in the items file?
If you have any idea, I would be glad to get your advise.

Post note: Found the solution myself … see

Shoudn’t it be ${config:name}?