Weather Binding Error


if i try to bind weather i get some errors in openhab.log:

[ERROR] [] - [] bind method [addBindingProvider] not found; Component will fail
[ERROR] [] - [] bind method [addBindingProvider] not found

It seems to installed anyway:

[INFO ] [smarthome.event.ExtensionEvent ] - Extension ‘binding-weather’ has been installed.

but it cant see it in ‘paper ui’ under configuration - bindings and if i try to configure it like 1.x i get

[INFO ] [ternal.scheduler.WeatherJobScheduler] - Disabling weather locationId ‘locationId1’, no binding available

Is it my fault or a problem with openhab2?


Known issue

Neither of it :smile:
It needs to be fixed in the Weather binding. The same has been done for the HTTP binding already. Could you create a PR (or if you are not a developer, at least an issue for tracking?)

Upps, sorry, so it’s a new issue … :joy: