Weather binding only works sporadically

The weather binding only works sporadically for me. About one every third or fourth time. This is the message I get in the log file when it doesn’t work and all values shows up as empty in the UI. When it works, then the values are correct (plausible at least).

2017-01-06 20:01:31.181 [WARN ] [ther.internal.parser.CommonIdHandler] - CommonId not found: CommonIdHandler[provider=YAHOO,id=<null>,icon=<null>]

I enable DEBUG logging for the binding

log:set DEBUG

but that didn’t give me much more to go on.

2017-01-06 20:01:31.181 [WARN ] [ther.internal.parser.CommonIdHandler] - CommonId not found: CommonIdHandler[provider=YAHOO,id=<null>,icon=<null>]
2017-01-06 20:01:31.183 [DEBUG] [nal.provider.AbstractWeatherProvider] - YAHOO[home]: Weather[Temperature[current=<null>,min=<null>,max=<null>,feel=<null>,dewpoint=<null>],Atmosphere[humidity=<null>,visibility=<null>,pressure=<null>,pressureTrend=<null>,ozone=<null>,uvIndex=<null>],Clouds[percent=<null>],Condition[text=<null>,lastUpdate=Fri Jan 06 20:01:31 CET 2017,observationTime=<null>,id=<null>,icon=<null>,commonId=<null>],Precipitation[rain=0.0,snow=0.0,probability=<null>,total=<null>],Wind[speed=<null>,direction=<null>,degree=<null>,gust=<null>,chill=<null>],Station[name=<null>,id=<null>,latitude=<null>,longitude=<null>,altitude=<null>],<null>]

This is my weather.cfg file


If this helps, that is my experience with yahoo weather service too, I actually used the yahooweather binding for a while and just got too many errors. I just switched to another provider (weather binding offers a few), in my case openweathermap seems to result if fewer errors.

This issue also seems to appear with the OH1 binding, my own Windows OH1 install suffers from it
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It’s not clear to me “who” is complaining ‘CommonId not found’ - is this a Yahoo message, or is the binding timing out waiting for a Yahoo response or something?

Looks like a problem with the binding unfortunately.