(Weather Binding) OpenWeatherMap doesn't provide the windspeed in km/h

I’m using OpenWeatherMap to show my local weather.
The documentation states that the windspeed is given in km/h. Correctly all the conversions use formulas reflecting that setting.
However the value reported by OpenWeatherMap is in m/s! Hence all conversions result in wrong values!

Am I missing a general setting or is this a bug?

Looking at OpenWeatherMaps api docs it only reports as m/s so you are correct that the item label for this provider should reflect this. If you want to do a conversion to km/h you’ll need to set up a rule to multiply the m/s value by 3.6 and use this item in your sitemap.

Thanks for the reply. Yes a conversion in a rule could solve this for me, however my question was more for the correct use of the binding as documented.
There are build in conversions in the binding which are useless if the default speed unit is not as documented. I was just asking to get a confirmation of my finding before filling an issue.

[Edit] filed an issue under OH 1 Addons #5172