Weather Binding: Precipitation Total 1 Day forecast not working


at first thanks to all contributors to Openhab and all these great bindings.

to implement a irrigation control rule in OpenHAB I want to use the Weather binding with the wunderground api to retrieve the rain forecast for the next day.
According the binding description it should be possible to retrieve that value:
Number Precip_Total_1day “Precip total [%d mm]” (precipitation_1day) {weather=“locationId=home, forecast=1, type=precipitation, property=total”}

But this does not work for me, I do not get any result from Wunderground.
Is there a way to get this value? Or does this need to implemented in the Weather-binding?

Thanks for help and regards

It has been awhile since I’ve used the Weather binding but you can get the forecast and current conditions from Wunderground directly through their API. Use the HTTP binding to poll and cache the data as XML or JSON and then use the appropriate transform to pull out the desired value. I’d post examples but my system is hosed right now and I don’t have easy access to them.

…or set the logging for the weather binding on the Karaf-console “log:set DEBUG” and check the logs if this feature does get any valus at all. In my case (OpenWeatherMap) I haven’T seen any reported value in that at all!

Example Log for my weather:

20:42:24.099 [DEBUG] [nal.provider.AbstractWeatherProvider] - OPENWEATHERMAP[Nordholz]: Forecast[day=1,Temperature[current=<null>,min=8.55,max=13.55,feel=<null>,dewpoint=<null>],Atmosphere[humidity=89,visibility=<null>,pressure=1016.96,pressureTrend=<null>,ozone=<null>,uvIndex=<null>],Clouds[percent=0],Condition[text=klarer himmel,lastUpdate=Wed May 10 20:42:24 CEST 2017,observationTime=Thu May 11 13:00:00 CEST 2017,id=800,icon=01d,commonId=sunny],Precipitation[rain=0.0,snow=0.0,probability=<null>,total=<null>],Wind[speed=5.22,direction=ESE,degree=106,gust=<null>,chill=<null>],Station[name=<null>,id=<null>,latitude=<null>,longitude=<null>,altitude=<null>],<null>]

Whenever the entry is <null> nothing is reported.