Weather Binding problem changing settings

Hello guys,
I use openhab2 with the Weather Binding (binding-weather1 - 1.14.0).
In the folder \OPENHAB\openHAB-share\openhab2-conf\services I chanced the file weather.cfg with this instructions.
In the log files I get this error:

2020-01-15 20:49:26.608 [ERROR] [org.apache.felix.configadmin ] - [, org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler, id=369, bundle=222/mvn:org.openhab.binding/]: Updating property weather of configuration caused a problem: Parameter ‘location..latitude’ empty or in wrong format (‘47.8011112 #(not required for Yahoo provider)’). Check the binding config.

In the file I chanched it in location.home.latitude=47.8011 but even after a reboot I have the same error in the logfile.
Why I get even this error?
How can I resolve the Problem?
Thanks in advance for our help!

All things considered, I think your time would be better spent switching to one of the v2 weather bindings. OpenWeatherMap and DarkSky are both pretty popular. v1 bindings will no longer work in OH 3 and there have been replacements for the weather v1 binding for so long there are not too many left who can help you with this problem.

Wow, thank you for your quick answer.
I found this.

The problem is written right there.
That’s not a valid latitude value.