Weather Icon mappings?

Hello All,

I just updated from OH 1.8 to OH 2.0. So far I like it a bit. Not fully sold on it right now but I’m playing with it. So one thing that I am trying to test out things I had. Now I did not enable legacy as I would liekt o be all 2.0. I didn’t have really anything setup at all. That being said here is my issue. I have setup my weather binding and its pulling. But its not pulling all of my icons like it did before. Now I’ve placed all of my icons, in .png format to the .conf/icons/classic/ folder. Now, SOME of my icons are showing. However the ones that are being mapped passed off commonId are not. Except sunny. For whatever reason sunny is working. I have the icons setup as weather-condition so weather-sunny.png works but weather-partly-cloudy-day.png does not, well it didn’t at first, however i changed the name of this to weather.png and it worked but then I changed it back to weather-partly-cloudy-day.png and it stayed working. The URL is but if I change the state to any of my other icons it does not work. Anything I am doing wrong or missing with 2.0

Also to add to this weirdness. If I see a condition that is showing as a missing icon. If I go into my folder, rename the .png file needed to just weather and then refresh it’ll show. I then again rename it to the original name and it continues to work.

You always need a default icon:

So in your case, weather.png

DOH! Now the behavior that I was doing makes complete sense on how it worked. Thanks for that quick response. 3AM comes up quick when working on this doing cool things and you miss things like that in the documentation haha. Truely appreciate it!

Holy moly, that’s pretty late, indeed. Still early afternoon in Europe and more time to play with openHAB :grinning:

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its afternoon here now but last night I had to stop at 3AM. I didn’t want to but you know work at 7:30 I needed some sleep.

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