Weather not updated

I am still working with OpenHAB 1.0. I installed the weather addon an configured weather widget as described on the addon documentation. I am running the classic UI in a Web Browser as information screen. Unfortunately the weather widget is not updating itself. It only shows new values if I refresh the Browser. For an Information Screen this is not a desired behavior.

I’m also using the weather widget but with openHAB 2 and both the ClassicUI and BasicUI.
The behaviour with BasicUI: The weather data only is updated upon manual refresh of the browser window. ClassicUI seems to work OK.
My assumption was that this is related to openHAB2 but now the cause might be in the addon itself.

Humm, OH2 does refresh the weather automatically for me? I;m using Yahoo and my weather.cfg looks like:


Which browers are you using?

My configuration looks like follows:


And I am using Midori web browser.

I’ve been using Firefox (Windows) and Chromium (Linux). Weather doesn’t get updated in both.
My configuration looks quite similar. I’m also using OpenWeatherMap with an update interval of 15 minutes.
Because the weather information is displayed correctly on reload I assume the configuration is OK but for some reason the refresh doesn’t work.

I’m using chrome but have checked edge - both work with the classic UI. - the basic UI seems to need refreshing

Hm, this is bad because I wanted to migrate to OpenHAB 2 in future together with using basic UI.

Sorry, I had to edit a previous post. ClassicUI works OK in a new test setup.
But BasicUI ony loads the weather information and doesn’t update it at all.
And that’s exactly the configuratin I’d like to use.

@Loidt: Are you gonna open a ticket to flag this issue?

I opened a ticket:

Thank you very much.
Could you please post a quick note in this community when there’s a fix?


I currently asking my self how a webview finally gets updated because it has no refresh parameter. In the current case with the weather widget the webview is pointing to a servlet. So something needs to trigger that url to which the webview is pointing is reloaded again.